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Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron

Shape and function. Form and flow.

Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron

Devoted to excellence in design and craftsmanship, Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron has been constructing traditional fences and gates in the North Texas area since 1997. Over the years, experience with various modern technologies, such as Plasma and Water Jet Cutting, Mig and Tig welding and AutoCAD design, have opened a new world in fence and gate design. Add the use of traditional techniques such as hammer and forge and the possibilities are limited only by the imagination. In a world of mass produced foreign knockoffs, it’s a pleasure to offer unique one-of-a-kind creations that our clients can be proud of for decades. The man behind the designs at Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron is Jeffery Presbaugh. Jeffery discovered his artistic abilities at an early age. In grade school, Jeffery was infused with guidance from his grandmother Dininger, who was an accomplished artist in her own right and helped inspire and develop that talent in him. Working with pencils, paints and other media, he was able to train his eye of form, function and flow as a youth. After leaving school, and having a love of horses and the ranching way of life, Jeffery took up leatherwork while working as a construction worker. Working in various fields in construction, he continued to absorb all he could from as many different saddle makers and artists who would help an eager learner. The exposure to these two completely different trades, is what finally led him to where he is now — in a workshop drawing, designing and fabricating beautiful gates and railings. The architecture of buildings and other structures fuels the shape and function of his projects, and saddlery and leather carving instill an appreciation and recognition of form and flow. Over the last 14 years his company, Aberdeen Contracting Inc., has been installing fences for cutting horse and cattle ranchers in the north Texas area. Building fence for discriminating clientele often required him to create unique gates and entrances. It was here the seed was planted to grow a new company in order to handle the unique requests of prospective clients as well as attract those outside of the agricultural world. “Working with iron, steel and wood was a natural evolution out of the fence business,” Jeffery says, “and my passion for scrollwork in leather tooling was a perfect match. I have always been fascinated with the old ways of craftsmanship and how things are put together. I feel much of that quality and craftsmanship has been lost or overlooked in today’s modern world.” At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, we blend the use of modern technologies and techniques with old world craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in offering our customers the utmost attention to detail in a finished product that flows perfectly within their particular property.

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